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Title: Gifted
Author: punch_kicker15
Rating: PG-13
Fandoms: BtVS
Characters/Relationships: Dawn/Gwen Raiden
AU in which Buffy Summers doesn't exist or wasn't called: Gift-giving between two thieves can get weird really fast.
Word count: 1147
Notes: Written for femslash_minis, for brutti_ma_buoni, who wanted one upswomanship, thou shalt not steal, and power. Many apologies for the lateness of this. Also written for the Another Life prompt at femslashbb.

Gifted )

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 An I Have Been Reading Some More post. :)


The Letters (the 84, Charing Cross Road remix) by DragonsPhoenix. Anya/Snape, G, 8415w, complete.
Restfield was right, this is ingenious and fun! Severus Snape is a customer of the Magic Box. "A relationship in letters, e-mails, and wedding invitations."

The Problem with Kindly Interventions by Quinara. Dawn&Andrew, G, 1094w, complete.
Post-series friendship ficlet with an awesome and deeply satisfying twist on the Sharing a Bed trope.

mermaid magic by The_Eclectic_Bookworm. Jenny/Giles with considerable background queerness, G, 13,140w, complete.
AU in which most everyone is very, very cute. Also, they're pirates and mermaids.
Nice Girls Don't Stay For Breakfast by beer_good_foamy. Fuffy, PG13, ~900w, complete.
Lovely, quieter Fuffy moment after Homecoming. How do you slay a vampire with a bottle of wine? :)

River Mist by the_moonmoth. G, 159w, complete.
Gorgeous Post-Chosen grief poem.
Somewhere to Be Flying zabjade. PG, 540w, complete.
It's not just an ice-skating ficlet, it's a season 6 ice-skating ficlet!
Hills of Iowa by the_moonmoth. G, 2910w, complete.
Post-NFA. Buffy has a new job, a kind of a meditative one. There's insight and forgiveness. <3

The Page of Wands by Quinara. T, 11,319w, complete.
TAROT. Advanced tarot. And Buffy gets to hang out in Spike's head.
Here We Go by halincandenza. NC-17, 8,654w, WIP!
Trans!Buffy! He goes by Ezra now! His friends are wonderfully supportive, and so's his mortal enemy. ^^ It's all adorable and educational... until the Initiative, then it's horrifying and educational.
A Most Exquisite Corpse by yellowb, sandy_s, relurker, acekoomboom, bewildered, Rezol87, Sunalso, Cohava, OffYourBird. NC-17, 27,420w, complete.
It's an exquisite corpse! Each author only saw the last paragraph of the previous chapter. And then they got inventive... they kind of had to. *g*
Crossing into unchipped territory by dutchbuffy. M, 74,619w, complete.
(Thanks for the tip, double_dutchess!) Buffy lands in an alternate dimension and meets an unchipped Spike, and it's all plot twists and trope subversion from there. *sighs happily*
The sequel also subverts tropes, mostly the trope that pregnant people can't have horrible, grotesque adventures.
A Different Kind of Hell by OffYourBird. NC-17, 90,153w, complete.
Spuffy accidentally travel from season 5 to Victorian England, and it's *so good*. Womanaction recced it on tumblr, but I'll rec it again. There are wonderful historical details and poetry, and at least one huge, fun plot twist, and... time is weird. :)
Crave a.k.a. FILF by NautiBitz. Explicit and tabu, 42 chapters, complete ostensibly a WIP, but the plot is resolved
I'd been avoiding this fic because I thought it would upset me, based on the summary. But then Sigyn recced it on EF. :D It DID upset me, but it's such a masterfully crafted AU! I don't think I've seen any all-human story preserve the darker, more twisted aspects of canon Spuffy so thoroughly. The obvious upsetting parts were handled as delicately as is probably possible without ruining the plot (well, except when the characters happened to like things that squicked me, and then they wallowed in them... mileages seriously vary with this fic, judging from what I saw of the other comments). And there WAS plot! With amazing twists and backstory. Also, there was so much kink. So much. :)

Expanse Season 2!!!!

Aug. 10th, 2017 08:33 pm
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I forgot to mention this but THE LIBRARY CAME THROUGH FOR ME! I managed to get a DVD copy of "The Expanse" Season 2 from Baltimore County! Tim and I have been watching an episode each night and OMG WTF SEASON 2 IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad I stuck with this show. Season 1 was interesting but didn't hook me but Season 2...daaaaaamn.

I will post coherent thoughts after we are caught up and then I get to suffer until Season 3 starts on SyFy...when is that? Next year? UGH!

Won't get to watch an episode tonight because Thursdays are for Anime (our friend Mathew comes over and we watched a few shows on CrunchyRoll) but we should be finished with this season by the end of next week.

You guys are the best <3

Aug. 10th, 2017 08:20 pm
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Thank you for all the positive vibes this week for my interview. Despite being nervous, I think I did really well! Like all interviews, after I got home that night I was doing the "OMG I should have said THAT!" inner monologue. But I was satisfied with how I did.

The real fun will be next week when I have an interview for Branch Manager. This one is a bit more challenging since there will be people from outside the system and I have no idea how many people applied. They only have one day of interviews so I think it must be around five people, but it is all about experience.

But I'm feeling pretty good about my preparation technique. I'm going to tweak my notes before the interview so I'm ready (they give you the questions about 20 minutes before the interview so you can get your thoughts together).

At least I have kept myself busy this week with the Escape Room program. Just finished up my second round of groups and the kids loved it. Tomorrow I have a full day of the program. Hardest part is not giving them hints but if they are running out of time, I can't help myself! They all seemed to have fun and the chocolate at the end really made their day LOL.

And now it is time to shut down the library and head home for PIZZA! TTFN
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...is the headline of the imaginary newspaper featuring my life. :)

For reasons too stupid to get into, I streamed the pilot of "The Good Wife" on Hulu, and instantly got addicted, despite my previous prejudice against the show. Courtroom procedural drama featuring the wife of a politician imprisoned following a political/sex scandal was exactly what I didn't want to watch for "fun".

Nevertheless, I somehow managed to watch exactly 40 episodes at 45 minutes each in 4 nights, while working full-time, and crashed the 5th night. On the third night I broke down and upgraded to commercial-free instead. Because it was one thing to watch 10 episodes in one sitting; it was quite another to watch the same commercials 30 times a night.

And these are American TV seasons with 23 episodes each; not, you know, BBC Sherlock seasons. Which means I'm still making my way through Season 2 in a show that ran for 7 seasons.

(So it's no surprise I haven't been active in the Buffy fandom. Not that I could've even if I wanted to, with all my spare time sucked into Hulu, but I adhere to a personal "One Fandom Rule". I only participate in one past time, hobby, fandom at a time. That's all the room for obsession my life has right now.) :)

Back to The Good Wife. The writing is brilliant, fast-paced, and binge-friendly (as in, not overly violent, gory, traumatic, or otherwise in need of a recovery time following each episode). And the acting — oh, the acting is simply superb. Understated in the most thought-provoking, teasing, delicious way. I, of course, immediately started cheering for the couple that I know to be doomed to be apart. Typical.

So, any fans of The Good Wife here?

quietly losing it

Aug. 7th, 2017 04:38 pm
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Librarian II interview is tomorrow and I've had a nervous knot in my stomach all day! ARGH! All those little voices in my head and starting to speak up, making my anxious and causing self-doubt.

I swear, if the interview had been the week I submitted the application I would be full of confidence and ready to go but after sitting on it this long, I'm starting to lose my mind.

10:30am tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Game of Thrones Ep.4

Aug. 7th, 2017 10:18 pm
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Damn what an awesome episode!!

I guess the things to come must be horrible because this episode was so full og treets!

Cut for spoilers )


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