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I kicked off my holiday weekend with a [ profile] dragonydreams visit. She's in the state to see her family so we met at our half-way point. We saw the movie Sing. It was really cute. (No tags at the end though.) We had a lovely lunch at Culver's (She had a burger. I had chicken tenders.) We exchanged gifts. I gave her a copy of "Heartless" by Marissa Meyer and she gave me an adorable Nesting Doll necklace and a cool little journal. We talked for an hour or so and then headed back to our homes. It was a little bit snowy on the way (big, fat flakes), but I made it back safely.

In a few minutes, we're off to my sister's house for prime rib and family gift opening.

Should be fun. :)
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I have continued to be a presence on LJ, but I feel like I haven't been so good in the blogging department these last few weeks. So I would like to take this opportunity to give you an update on life and stuff.


Nick and I spent the first weekend in December celebrating the nuptials of the beautiful [ profile] secondmezzanine. The weather was a bit unseemly for December in the Midwest, i.e. it was 46 degrees Fahrenheit, but that it was such a beautiful day.

The wedding started at 5 pm and included readings like "How Falling In Love Is Like Owning A Dog" and "The Little Yellow Leaf." Her bridesmaids looked gorgeous in their red dresses and white fuzzy shoulder shrugs. Her flower girl looked adorable in her red cloak adorned with white faux fur. It was interesting introducing myself to her friends and family. It all worked out just fine though. I spent much of the night with a fabulous older lady named Krista. She was originally from Southern California, but was now part of the community theater circuit in Iowa. I introduced her to Rumchata and she seemed to love that. (Fun fact: Krista used to be married to Quantum Leap's Scott Bakula.)

I made new friends by asking the DJ to play "The Time Warp." Mezz earned brownie points from the DJ when she requested Robin Sparkles' "Let's Go To The Mall." I danced with the bride until our feet were sore. I enjoyed a drink from the awesome hot cocoa bar and had a damn good time.

Hubby and I in front of the Christmas tree )

This Weekend

Nick went gaming (Pathfinder) with his friend, Rick, on Friday night. I spent my Friday night with my friend, Lyndsey (Rick's wife) and her two kids. We checked out the Christmas lights in the park and I thought it was awesome that one display had a small green dragon leading a pack of reindeer. I read some Christmas books to the kids before heading back to my house. I curled up on the sofa and watched one of my favorite films: Love, Actually. I also finished book #59 this year ("Between the Lines" by Jodi Picoult and her daughter, Samantha Van Leer).

Yesterday, I watched about 4 episodes of Supernatural Season 7 while wrapping presents. I really enjoyed the James Marsters/Charisma Carpenter one. I also liked the episode with the guest appearance by Jewel Staite.

Today, I wrote the first draft of my Which Willow fic, wrote out holiday cards, and made dark chocolate peanut clusters. The rest of my day will be spent cleaning, writing up the notes from the community theater meeting, and going to Zumba. I also need to write something for Noel of Spike and fill my mod challenge over at Nekid Spike.

Hope you're all having a good weekend!
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Hope you're all having a happy weekend so far.

Mine's been pretty great.

The Weekend )
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I meant to post sooner, but time got away from me. I know [ profile] angelskuuipo and [ profile] dragonydreams have already done their posts, but I thought I'd share mine as well.

Recap )
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I am super excited to share my weekend plans with you.

I'm flying out to Denver, CO tomorrow. :)

My trip includes getting to see [ profile] angelskuuipo, [ profile] sionnach_ayame, and [ profile] dragonydreams for an epic girl's weekend.

Our main plan is to see Idina Menzel and Anthony Rapp perform in the National Broadway Tour Debut of If/Then.

Additional plans include nomming on Danielle's tasty cooking and conversing and squee'ing about our lives and things.

I fly back on Monday and I'll be sure to have a recap ready for you then.
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I found these for $39 each today:

I picked them up in black and dark brown. I also scored a 25% coupon that I was able to use per pair.

We stopped at Bath and Body Works and I picked up a few scented soaps - Sweet cinnamon pumpkin, Fall lakeside breeze, and Sunshine and apples. I also splurged on a black cherry merlot hand cream because it smelled totally amazing.

We enjoyed a great lunch at Red Robin. I enjoyed a Banzai burger in a lettuce wrap and Lyndsey had the Whiskey River BBQ chicken. I had a gift card so the total cost of our meal was $2.49. SCORE!

Finally, we ended the day at Goodwill. I found a cute '70's-style tunic (I'll take a picture when I have the chance) and Lyndsey found me a cute ruffled white/black top that should look nice with black pants and a cardigan.

Hooray for a successful shopping day!
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This weekend has definitely been a great one.

On Saturday, we participated in some physical activity by helping our friends/neighbors disassemble a wooden playground set. There were a few stumbles (and a drill that had to be purchased), but we got it done. I wound up doing more babysitting than heavy lifting, but that was fine by me.

On Saturday night, we had an early birthday celebration with a few friends. Our best man, Kit, came up and introduced me to his new boyfriend (*squee*). They were super cute together. The neighbors mentioned above joined us as did my friends, Mindy and Paul (hosters of the annual Halloween party we go to every year.) I received a few early birthday presents including a Slytherin pen, Slytherin hat, and bouquet of flowers from Kit. Mindy and Paul gave me Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate with Toffee Bits, a marinade called Ginger Wasabiyaki, and my favorite- Garlic EVOO from the Oilerie.

The Stash )

When we got back to my house, we played Cards Against Humanity and had a fabulous time.

Today, I woke up early because I was meeting my friend, Kate, in Sun Prairie to check out Pitch Perfect 2 at the new Marcus Palace Cinema. We got there a 1/2 hour early, anticipating that we'd try the in-theater dining experience. It was not meant to be though because the theater was packed and the 11 am show was sold out. Instead, we got tickets to see the film on the Ultrascreen. It wasn't the same as having food delivered via employee ninjas, but the screen was impressive and the leather recliner seats were super comfy. We enjoyed the movie, loved the cameo by the Green Bay Packers.

I also got to run into a few people I hadn't seen in forever, including my old college roommate from freshman year. That was definitely the biggest highlight of the day (and I got to have popcorn with M&M's mixed in so you know I've set the bar high. :P)

I am planning to finish the night off and catch up on some TV with my hubby.

See you on the flip side!

Bonus Pictures of My Flowering Pear Tree and Bleeding Hearts (Taken 2 Weeks Ago) )
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Yesterday was quite a jam-packed day for me and it was filled with family, old friends, new friends, laughs, drinks, and as Tina Belcher would say...butts. :P

It started with my cousin Missy's wedding shower. Missy has always been my favorite cousin. We were the same grade in school and into a lot of the same things. She's one of my favorite people to just be crazy with and I am so happy that she's heading into wedded bliss next month. One of the first guests at the shower was Melanie W. I used to work with Melanie at the library and I hadn't seen her since her wedding 8 years ago (she moved to California.) It was awesome to catch up with her and we totally fell back into our natural rhythm. It was almost as if we hadn't been separated for most of a decade. :)

After the shower, we had the bachelorette party and I had an absolute blast. We started off with Rumchata shots at Liz's house and then went to the Atlas Improv Comedy Show. They were performing theatre-sports and most of the improv they did was really funny (it's also where my entry title came from). I felt special because they used a lot of the suggestions I yelled out. My cousin got to be one of the judges and that was cool too.

We went to Plan B after and it was my first time at a dance club. Plan B is actually a gay bar, but there was at least one guy who kept hitting on the girls in our group. We got to see several boys in neon-colored underwear shaking their booties for dollars and Missy and I even joined in on that fun. We also got to see a drag show. It was my first time ever seeing one and it was definitely a highlight of the evening.

This song was a particular favorite. I wish I had a video of the queen's performance. It was hilarious.

After the dance club, we went to Le Tigre Lounge. This place could easily be Siegfried and Roy's retirement home. There were tiger pictures, tiger statues, etc. It was really gorgeous and the bartender made impressive cocktails. I had an old fashioned sweet with cherries. Mmm...yummy.

I will admit that even though I tried to mix water in with the drinking that I woke up not feeling so great today. An afternoon nap, Advil, water, and a caring hubby helped with that though.
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This song was used at the end of my Zumba workout for a cool-down. My instructor said she was playing it for me and so I bring it you. It is a song for all of the wonderful people on my flist who have come into my life and made it a better place. Also, the animation is ridiculously adorable.

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Today was my friend Alicia's baby shower. Normally, I don't get too excited about those events, but Alicia is a good friend of mine (she's into theater and geeky things) so I wanted to make sure I went. My friend Sabrina was also at the shower so it was really nice having someone to talk to. The party was held at a restaurant called the Armory. We had a choice for lunch of either the smoked turkey club or the Armory burger. I opted for the turkey club. It had bacon, tomato, lettuce, and garlic mayo and it was definitely the right choice! The party did come to an abrupt ending though as Alicia's water broke during gift opening. Thankfully, Alicia's hubby was there to make sure she got to the hospital.

After the shower, Sabrina and I opted to go to the mall. I picked up two new sweaters (one gray, one pinkish-purple) for under $24.00 and a really pretty cream infinity scarf .

How is everyone else doing this fine Saturday?
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This weekend has been utterly fabulous.

Saturday started off with a nice glass of Georgia peach iced tea and shortly thereafter, a visit from [ profile] dragonydreams! I introduced her to Nick and we all walked a few short blocks to the Taste of Portage Market and Craft Fair.

[ profile] dragonydreams ordered a brat (in true Wisconsin-style) and I tried a walking taco. Nick tried a steak sandwich, which he said was quite tasty. After food, we wandered down the street and looked at the craft show and the vintage car show. Then, we did another quick swing through the food tents and [ profile] dragonydreams and I got cream puffs. Mmm...mmm...good.

After food, we returned to my apartment and [ profile] dragonydreams and I went to the grocery store to get fixings for our picnic dinner. We picked up bread, turkey, swiss cheese, and yummy baguette chips. We came back to the apartment and [ profile] dragonydreams introduced Nick and I to the first two episodes of Dexter. I can definitely see why she likes the show. It's really good!

Around five-o-clock, [ profile] dragonydreams and I drove to the American Players Theater to see Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. I'm pretty sure it's the first time I've ever been to that theater and I loved. It's an outdoor theater and the weather wasn't bad given how hot it had been all day. It was a little muggy, but the breeze was so nice and cool. We hit up the gift shop and got mugs (mine's blue, hers is green) that say: "Life is short. Play in the woods." I also got two magnets. One says: "Please Don't Tame The Shrew" and the other says: "Last one out: Turn Off The Stars."

This morning Nick and I took [ profile] dragonydreams to the Log Cabin in Baraboo for breakfast. It was absolutely delicious. When we got back to the apartment, she headed back to her parents.

I definitely wish more weekends were like this.
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I definitely feel like I did a variety of things this weekend and that's not a bad thing!

On Friday, I came home from work, watched some TED talks, ate a wrap from Murph's for dinner. Then, I hung out with some of my neighbors. Carol and I drank wine (the guys and Erin drank beer) and Lee started a fire. It was lovely watching the sun set. Less lovely getting bitten by skeeters, but the fire kept some of them at bay.

On Saturday, we went to Taste of Wisconsin Dells with Amber and Joe. I was glad that all the food choices were cheap (under $4) and you actually got a tasting size vs. regular meal size. Nick and I did share a few things though. I tried crab rangoon, mini cheese meatloaf and beer cheese potatoes, coconut rice, BBQ rib tips, and deep fried pickles. (YUM!) We also stopped at the Dells Distillery and tried a tater tot creation. We all sampled the mac and cheese one and it was so good! Then, we walked into the gift shop for Wizard Quest and the shop lady loved my Harry Potter jersey. In fact, she loved it so much that she decided to give me a hug. It was random, but I was fine with it. She seemed nice. I bought two plush dragons there. :)

After this adventure, we headed over to the casino. I have never been to a casino in my life and Amber, Joe, and Nick were excited to show me around. I did play one game at the nickel slot machine because I always wanted to pull one of the levers. I put in a $1 and got back $5.90. I was totally cool walking away with that and I don't really have the desire to go back.

We also went to Knuckleheads and the mall. We played a bunch of arcade games and I went to the Disney store and got my niece's birthday present. I also got some wine bottle stoppers.

Then, we went back home and Joe lit a fire in his covered fire pit. It was nice to sit and enjoy and talk to good people.

Today, I braved the slight chill in the summer air and tried an Aqua Zumba class. There was a free one being offered as part of a summer kick-off. It wasn't quite as exhilarating as regular Zumba, but the people were cool and that often makes the party worth it. I'm also definitely feeling it in my legs.

Tonight, Nick and I will be getting subs from Jimmy John's after my regular Sunday night Zumba class and we'll probably watch more Adventure Time on Netflix Instant.

Why must weekends be so short?
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Before this past weekend, I got a call from our friend, Kit (i.e. the best man in my upcoming wedding), asking me if I liked baseball. I told him I didn't know, because to the best of my knowledge, I've never been to a game in my life.

He said that was a good answer and asked Nick and I if we were interested in going to see the Milwaukee Brewers play the St. Louis Cardinals. It turned out he had four free passes, preferred parking, and tickets to the Stadium Club. How could we possibly say no to that?

So on Sunday, I went to Miller Park for the first time and I had a blast. The Brewers lost...horribly. BUT We sat in section 122, row 9, which was right behind the Cardinals Dug-Out. I got to learn more about baseball from my friend, Steve (who's also standing up in my wedding). I got a Corey Hart bobble head because it was bobble head day. I also ate awesome food: Beer and Brat Macaroni and Cheese, Mashed Potato and BBQ Pork Brisket Parfait, deep fried cheese curds, cheese fries, and fully loaded nachos.

I definitely hope to get back there someday. It was a lot of fun.

Pictures Below )


Feb. 3rd, 2013 08:52 am
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The fabulous [ profile] snowpuppies made a super awesome movie poster for my Willow/Parker fic: Regrets and Mistakes (Their Memories Made)

Isn't it gorgeous? )
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I am so looking forward to being off this week and not having to return to work until January 2nd. Sure, I'll be spending loads of time with family celebrating the holidays and the birthdays (my sister Mary is a Christmas baby and my mom was born the day after), but it's not all bad.

So far, things have actually been pretty good.

1) On Friday, Nick and I celebrated Yule and exchanged presents. After the ring, I hadn't expected him to actually get me anything, but he surprised me with an Adipose Stress Toy, a Cthulhu word game, and Cthulhu dice game. I'm looking forward to trying the games out with my cousins on Christmas day. I think they will be amused.

2) On Saturday, I got to spend some quality time with [ profile] dragonydreams! We saw The Hobbit and had nummy custard at Culver's. She also gifted me with the TV show, Girls, on Blue-Ray. It's a show I've never seen, but so many have raved about how funny it is that I wanted to see for myself.

3) On Sunday, our friend Kit visited and we did a gift exchange. He gave me a nice set of Christmas hand towels and apologized for the delay with my other gift as Fed-Ex had not been able to deliver it on account of the snow storm.

4) Nick and I are planning to watch the 2006 film, All The King's Men, tonight for I want to see how different it is from the book I'm reading for my book club discussion group in January. I only hope that the movie is more exciting than the book has been.
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I went to a training on Monday for professional development called "Better Than Okay: Moving Clients From Illness to Happiness." The presenter was one of my favorite speakers - Dr. David Mays - who has a self-deprecating sense of humor and a wealth of knowledge about various subjects. I really enjoyed his presentation and I was even more excited to see my old therapist from Whitewater - Dr. Patricia Bromley - was in the audience. We ended up chatting for awhile and she seemed genuinely pleased that I found my roots in Portage and that I was working for a good place. It was really good to see her again and of course, made me miss her because she had been one of my favorites.

Don't get me wrong, though, I like Angela (my new therapist) plenty fine and I also like that I got my first statement from the insurance company and the bill wasn't bad at all.

In not-so-good news, I was a bit stunned this week to find out that the couple I stayed with while I was in New York this year is filing for divorce. Catherine told me that it's amicable and they intend to remain friends, but damn, it still pretty much sucks because David seems like a really cool guy.


I don't know. I'm really trying not to think to hard about that and instead, I'm trying to focus on the things in my life that are positive and the things that I am grateful for so you're getting a five point list to close out this entry.

1) I'm happy that I went to see a movie this weekend with my mom. Wreck-It Ralph was adorable and I loved Sarah Silverman and her character, Venelope.
2) I'm happy that we still have leftover chocolate from Halloween, including Kit-Kats and Almond Snickers.
3) I'm happy that I've been making a choice to walk to work one time per week for the last three weeks. It's a 2 mile trek one way, but it seems worth it.
4) I'm happy that I'm reading a good book right now - "Motherless Brooklynn" by Jonathan Lethem
5) I'm happy that my nine year anniversary with Nick will be here on December 2nd. :)
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Taking an extra day off a work gave me the chance to get a whole lot of stuff accomplished. This included a write-up of my trip as well as some photos uploaded to LJ scrapbook. Stamford CT, New York City, and New York Ren Faire )
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1) I want to thank everyone who gifted me with a Bronze pencil. It was remarkably sweet of you.

2) I had a really decent weekend. Sure, there were ups and downs, but I'd say it was mostly ups. Nick and I went to the Bristol Ren Faire on Saturday as it was closing weekend and I wanted to squeeze one more day in (especially to see Loki before he journeys back to Texas for Texas Ren Faire.

My friend, Steve Spitzer, took this photo of me to commemorate the day. I am grateful to know such a talented photographer.

A little bit...impish, I think )

3) I'm quite excited about the fact that I have a three day weekend coming up again (7th-9th) and Nick and I plan to see the film Lawless. We also plan on going to Milwaukee to visit the Posters of Paris: Toulouse Latrec and His Contemporaries, which is featured at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Also, if the timing works out the way we're planning, I should also be seeing my dear [ profile] mordere and her fabulous sister, Casey (yes. That Casey. :P)

4) I'm also excited about the fact that I'm going to New York for the weekend (14th-16th) to spend time with my friends, Catherine and David, as well as go to the New York Renaissance Faire!! I'm looking forward to checking out the shows there, seeing my friend Lord Raven from the Black Dragon Pewter Shop, as well as finally buying a Moresca bodice. (Moresca's left Bristol after Bristol's management raised the lot rent on shops and it crushed me because at the time, I had no steady income and couldn't afford one of these:
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~ The Decoy Bride

Nick and I went to the Taste of Portage Market Fair yesterday with some friends - Amber, Joe, and Meg. It was just a few blocks down from our apartment so it was an easy walk. The fair's activities included a food court that contained mostly local restaurants, an arts and crafts show, and a classic car show.

Amber and Joe had gone last year and they recommended we visit the Corner Pocket, especially since Amber had done some detective work and found out that Corner Pocket was doing beef brisket sandwiches this year. Without a doubt, the sandwiches were divine! The meat was tender and melted in your mouth, plus they had a selection of BBQ sauces to try. I sampled the Apple BBQ sauce and it had just the right amount of sweetness.

I also ate a cream puff and tried some of Meg's fries. MMM MMM Good. :)

There were plenty of classic cars to ogle so we spent a lot of time doing that. Meg and I spent quite a few minutes drooling over a Chevy Impala, but for the most part, I lusted after this bright blue Dodge Challenger with a white racing stripe down the side. I truly think that classic Challengers, especially the 1967 model, are the prettiest muscle cars in the world and I want one.

The crafts were fun to look at too. Meg picked up a cute ring that was made from a spoon, while I picked up this little guy for $8.00

He's not turned on at the moment, but he does light up )

That afternoon, Meg and I settled into the chill of my apartment and watched The Decoy Bride, which was definitely adorable. I definitely recommend it for anyone who loves David Tennant and/or romantic comedies. We also watched a bit of Doctor Who - Series 2 - 10th Doctor and some episodes from How I Met Your Mother Season 5.

For dinner, the whole group reunited and we went over to La Tolteca for some delicious Mexican food and some tasty drinks. I had a peach daiquiri and pork tamales. I also tried some of Joe's Chicken Mole (pronounced: "MOLE"-lay). It was a little spicier than I can normally handle, but I did enjoy the complexity of the flavor.

Then, we watched the fireworks that had been scheduled for the 4th of July, but got pushed back to August due to July's dry conditions.

It was a really great night.


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