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We had our immediate family Christmas last night. My sister cooked a fantastic feast of prime rib, mashed potatoes, cheesy biscuits, brussel sprouts, green bean casserole, and corn. We exchanged gifts. My haul included a state park sticker for 2017, a Starbucks gift card, a Bucky Badger hat, The Steampunk Bible, the children's book Penguin Problems, and a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull painted by 7-year old niece. My sister, Katie, scored serious geek cred and got my husband and I a set of Star Wars t-shirts. Mine has Princess Leia in silhouette and says "I love you." Nick's has Han's silhouette and says "I know." We're going to wear them when we go see Rogue One on Monday.

The next few days will be full of holiday cheer so I'm not sure how often I'll be online. Peace and love to you all!



Dec. 21st, 2015 05:47 pm
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I feel so spoiled on this special solstice day.

The lovely [ profile] angelskuuipo and her family sent me a box of love for the holidays. The box included some of my favorite memories from my Colorado trip this past October: Jim and Nick's BBQ cheddar biscuit mix, Bourbon Vanilla honey, Apple Cinnamon honey, Trader Joe's Pumpkin Pie Spice, and Chai Seasoning spices.

It was like getting a little bit of Colorado right in my tiny Wisconsin home.


I also got a lovely and silly card from [ profile] dragonydreams.

Blessed be and Happy Yule!
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Happy Mother's Day to all of the fabulous people in my life. It doesn't matter if you're raising kids, raising pets, raising friends, or raising hell (:P). You are all important and should be celebrated.

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The last four days have been pretty great, despite the gross hacking cough (though that's getting better too. I've mostly seen improvements during the day vs. at night, but on the whole, still getting better.)

Holidays )

I want to thank [ profile] angelskuuipo for the card and the gift. It will be spent wisely. :P I also want to thank [ profile] sionnach_ayame for Fast and the Furious 6. Super excited about both.
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If you would like a holiday card from me this year, please go to the following entry and leave your address (comments are screened). You can also send me a message or an email.

Card Post: Here

My goal is to get cards ready to be mailed out this weekend (so please comment by Dec 8th at the latest.)

In case anyone is interested, this is my Holiday Wish List: Here . Please feel free to leave me a link to your list!
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To all the mothers on my flist whether they're raising children, pets, or plants! You're all fabulous to me.
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Christmas holidays with the family have been fairly low-key this year on account of the fact that my sister, Mary Ann, and her boyfriend are in Minnesota and my sister Katie and her family spent Christmas day with Katie's husband's brother. We're all getting together on Saturday though to open presents and eat a yummy lunch and be all family-like.

Stuff and stuff )
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I am so looking forward to being off this week and not having to return to work until January 2nd. Sure, I'll be spending loads of time with family celebrating the holidays and the birthdays (my sister Mary is a Christmas baby and my mom was born the day after), but it's not all bad.

So far, things have actually been pretty good.

1) On Friday, Nick and I celebrated Yule and exchanged presents. After the ring, I hadn't expected him to actually get me anything, but he surprised me with an Adipose Stress Toy, a Cthulhu word game, and Cthulhu dice game. I'm looking forward to trying the games out with my cousins on Christmas day. I think they will be amused.

2) On Saturday, I got to spend some quality time with [ profile] dragonydreams! We saw The Hobbit and had nummy custard at Culver's. She also gifted me with the TV show, Girls, on Blue-Ray. It's a show I've never seen, but so many have raved about how funny it is that I wanted to see for myself.

3) On Sunday, our friend Kit visited and we did a gift exchange. He gave me a nice set of Christmas hand towels and apologized for the delay with my other gift as Fed-Ex had not been able to deliver it on account of the snow storm.

4) Nick and I are planning to watch the 2006 film, All The King's Men, tonight for I want to see how different it is from the book I'm reading for my book club discussion group in January. I only hope that the movie is more exciting than the book has been.
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I had a nice Turkey day with Nick and his family. Nick's nieces are getting bigger every time I see them. (Della is 2. Nora is 10 months.)

Tomorrow, I will be at work, though admittedly, it was a choice that I made so don't think I'm being forced into it or anything. I'm actually looking forward to a quiet day to catch on paperwork and dig into resources that could help my clients.

I did take Monday off so at least I have a three-day weekend to look forward to. I'm hoping to use Monday as either a shopping day or a 'watch BtVS Season 4' day. We'll see what happens. :P

To anyone checking out the Black Friday deals tomorrow, I wish you safe shopping!
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Happy Labor Day Weekend!

I will be off on adventures: seeing friends, celebrating Bristol Ren Faire's closing weekend, and celebrating my nephew's first birthday.

I'm not sure how likely it is that I'll get onto LJ before Monday so I'm just letting you all know that I'll do my best to catch up when I return!
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First, let me say, Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers on my flist! I hope you're having fabulous days and that your kids are treating you like the awesome ladies you are!

Second, let me recap my weekend.

1) Movies watched: Drones (produced and directed by Amber Benson and Adam Busch) - 3 stars -on Netflix, Love and Other Disasters (featuring the late, great Brittany Murphy) - 4 stars - on Netflix, the last hour of A Knight's Tale-4.5 stars--on TV.

2) Book finished: Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli (the first one was better, but this was still good.)

3) Book started: Forty-Four, Book 3 by Jools Sinclair (I continue to wonder where the suspense is in this series, considering the main character sees GHOSTS and has been kidnapped by a psychopathic doctor.)

4) TV watched: Parks and Recreation finale (&hearts), Vampire Diaries finale (Why God Why?)

5) Tasty food consumed: Noodles and Company Wisconsin Macaroni and Cheese, homemade Egg Strata, homemade Blackberry Pancakes, Hashbrowns, Bacon, Orange Slices, and Peanut Butter Candy Crunch ice cream.

6) Number of people scandalized: 1. I went to church with my mom today since she asked so nicely and the church she goes to is fairly liberal. However, there was a man asked me why I had moved to Portage. When I said to live with my boyfriend, he looks positively aghast. It amused me. :P

7) New favorite love song: "Crazier Than You" from the Addams Family OBC. My parents saw the show last weekend and my dad burned me a copy of the disc. I've listened to it six times already today and I'm determined to see it played at my dream wedding and/or wedding reception.

The song is under this cut if you want to listen. Apparently the actors did some sort of live concert performance, which is cool. )
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For [ profile] nonothrthnme and anyone else who cares to see what my real life looks like.

Picture Time )
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Nick and I did Christmas celebrations with his mom, sister, brother-in-law, and 1-year old niece and all and all I'd say it was a decent time.

Christmas in July. I mean...January. Did I mention I didn't have to wear a coat today and I live in Wisconsin? WTH? )
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Ah, Christmas. Can I just that as wonderful a time as it is that I'm really glad it's over?

If I were to sum up my Christmas weekend in three words, they would be: busy, exhausting, and fun.

Full Details Below )

In addition to all the craziness, I somehow managed to catch up with most of the entries on my flist today, though I did have to bookmark a few fics and I hope to have the chance to read them later (most likely over the weekend since I have a four-day one!!)

I also managed to get two drabbles written for my [ profile] noel_of_spike day tomorrow. I was hoping to get to all 5 prompts, but time really got away from me so I apologize for not getting them done and I hope people will forgive me for that. I do promise to work on all of my currently existing prompts though and post those drabbles when I finish them.
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A friend posted this on her Facebook and I really dig it.

from Margo Bratton's Carol Kennedy:
"My annual holiday greeting:
I wish you all, wherever you are and whatever you do, exactly the holiday you most hope to have, whether it be solitary and peaceful or family-filled and rollicking (for whatever value of "family" you want); whether it be blessed or boisterous; whether it be secular or spiritual or religious; whether it commemorate a miracle of birth, a miracle of victory, a miracle of ...nature, or any other.

May you be safe and well and happy and loved. May no one take the tiniest bit of shine away from your chosen celebration (or avoidance of same) by insisting that this season means something different, something bigger, something better. The universe is great enough to accommodate all the joy and love that we can experience, from whatever source."
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I want to send a quick thank you to [ profile] aaronlisa and [ profile] sionnach_ayame. Your cards came today and they're ever so lovely!

In other news, Nick and I exchanged presents last night on account of it being Yule (and I was bummed because my computer had a virus. Nick made my computer better though so yay! Malwarebytes seriously rocks, I say.) He got me a TomTom GPS Unit and I got him The Big Book of Top Gear 2011, Where's Stig: The Glovebox Edition, and Alice in Zombieland.

Tomorrow morning, Nick and I are heading down to my parents for the holiday weekend and there's a super good chance that I won't see the Internet until Monday.

So...just in case I don't see you:
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1. Got my first paycheck from my new job and after months of unemployment/temping/barely part-time work, I feel positively wealthy. :)

2. I got my Christmas presents wrapped for Nick while he was sitting 5 feet away from me. (Okay, I'm cheating a little because our apartment has two living rooms and he was sitting on the couch in one while I was wrapping in the other. Still counts, right?)

3. I found a really neat fabric bowl with a cow print and homemade marmalade called Mosquito Marmalade (Peach and Orange with Red Raspberries.) I'm giving it to my cousin, Liz, as part of my family's "not-so-secret Santa exchange with dad's side of the family."

4. I had Chinese food for dinner (chicken with mixed vegetables and crab rangoon with Chi-Pan's signature sauce) and have left-overs for lunch tomorrow.

5. There are new episodes of Raising Hope and New Girl tonight. :)
Sidebar: For those who wish to know, I trimmed down my gigantic list of shows and lost seven. I find myself not missing them so much so I'll call that a plus. (Thankfully, ANTM ended because LEVERAGE is back!!) What I Cut )

Honorable Mention: I got all of my holiday cards sent out in the mail yesterday so keep an eye out for them!

Honorable Mention 2: The coffee shop that is (sadly) closing at the end of the week is taking cookie orders. I'll be getting SIX chocolate chip cookies with pecans and since Nick's dad is coming to visit us on Saturday for an early Christmas exchange, I have people to share with. :)

Honorable Mention 3: My best friend and bro for life, Loki, is in Wisconsin for the next week and a half and he's planning to come visit me on Monday!


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