Jul. 6th, 2016

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I definitely had my patience for life tested this morning.

I didn't sleep well - tossing, turning, waking up at 2:45 and again at 3:30. It would be easy to blame it on the storm, but it was actually a mixture of insomnia and general worrying about life stuff. I managed to wake up to my alarm and listened to a little Dream Theater before leaving for work.

I had to work in the Baraboo office so I was initially excited to stop at my favorite coffee house. I got my Heath Bar Mocha frappe and felt a little more prepared for the day. From there, however, I nearly hit a woman who had her turn signal on (she was not turning, actually. She was going straight. She did apologize for not turning off her signal.) Then...I locked my keys in my car.

I knew the spare key was on the kitchen table so I called my husband. In doing so, I woke him up and he mentioned that several times. I told him about my predicament and my fear that I would have to pay for an expensive locksmith. Nick didn't feel he had time to drive to Baraboo because he had to work at 11.

I worked out two alternate, low cost plans. One was to have my co-worker in Baraboo drive me home (which would have resulted in Nick needing to leave the side door unlocked). The second was to ask my neighbor (at home for the summer) to bring the spare key to Baraboo. We went for the 2nd option and I had to beg Nick to walk the keys over to the house next door. He begrudgingly did so and my neighbor, L, made it up to Baraboo with the key.

I'm thankfully home now. I have both sets of car keys and I figure this day probably can't get any worse so I'm going to call that my win for the day.

That...and the Culver's custard that I'm going to eat later.


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