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*I'm sick. I started feeling the cold symptoms on Friday after Thanksgiving - stuffed nose, horrible cough, body aches, and scratchy throat. I have thankfully managed to avoid a fever, but I feel miserable. Nick is sick too. :/

*I would really like it if there was some sort of chicken and dumpling soup delivery service. I'm staying home from work today, but I do not want to venture outside if I don't have to.

*I watched the Gilmore Girls Revival all-day Friday. There was lots of screaming, crying, and squeeing. I really enjoyed it. It felt like coming back to an old book. The characters were fantastic, especially Kirk. Logan has aged extremely well (rawr). I liked the storylines and the way they tried to deal with the difficulties of scheduling cast members. I was unsettled by the "last four words," but I've read some reviews that have helped me process.

*I saw Moana with my parents over the weekend. I loved it. Beautiful animation, great characters, excellent music.

*I'm starting therapy back up again tomorrow. I hope it goes well. I had to pick someone new because my other two therapists left the clinic.

*I need to post my holiday card request list. Hopefully that will happen later today.

Later, gators.
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I've been feeling a bit under the weather this week. It started with a simple congested nose and in the last two days, has progressed into clearer nostrils with the added bonus of a crackly voice and painful, dry cough. :/

I'm still trying to make the most of the weekend. Last night, I stayed in. I finished my book (The Misfits by James Howe), caught up on Brooklynn 99 and iZombie, and watched a movie called Adult World on Netflix Instant. It was a decent film. I enjoyed John Cusack and Cloris Leachman the most.

Today, I did a little retail therapy. I went to the Disney store and picked up my pre-order of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves on Blue-Ray. I also picked up a Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana doll for my niece's birthday in June because they were on sale for $10 each. I confirmed with her mama that she doesn't have those. I also popped into Claire's and picked up a cute white infinity scarf with gold clovers and I stopped at Hot Topic. They had a buy 2, get one free deal going on so I opted to get a few Deadpool items. I got a Stainless Steel Water Bottle , a Deadpool Plush , and a pair of socks.

I stopped at one of my favorite coffee places, Two Rivers, to drop off one of the flyers for the Valentine's Cabaret we're doing. My friend, Jerusha, noted I wasn't sounding so great so she made her famous elixir - peppermint and tangerine honey teas with a generous splash of honey. It's really calming my throat and that makes me a happy girl.

How's your weekend so far?
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It's been a rough weekend of sorts.

I started experiencing cold symptoms on Tuesday evening after my Party and Pump class. I admit I didn't think much of it. Just picked up some cold and flu meds, made some tea, and kept going. On Friday, though, I got a gross surprise. My eyes starting leaking mucus. My friend, Samantha, came to the rescue and drove me to urgent care (Nick would have, but was stuck working late.) I was diagnosed with conjunctivitis and prescribed eye drops. It was quite the stressful night because my eyes kept gluing themselves shut.

Thankfully, I appeared to be mucus-free on Saturday, but was promptly rewarded for this by being cursed with a dry, hacking cough that just won't give up the damn grudge. Tea, steam, honey, lemon, cough drops, and cough suppressants...they only help for a short time.

What's worse is I can't even sleep in the same bed as Nick until all this shit clears up.


I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow. I'm ready to start my holiday break now.


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